Spine Surgery

Spine surgery combines two specialty areas: orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. The delicate nature of spine surgery requires the highest level of skill and precision. Our talented surgeons are dedicated to treating our patients with both expertise and compassion.

Among the range of procedures we offer to help repair the back and spine, some are performed non-invasively to minimize pain and to ensure maximum mobility. Conditions we treat include scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis and stenosis.

Procedures frequently performed by our spine surgeons include:

  • Cervical and lumbar fusions
  • Bone grafting
  • Laminectomy
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Facet injections
  • Kyphoplasty
  • MILDĀ® procedure for lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Neuro-stimulator placement
  • Correction of scoliosis
  • Repair of spine deformities

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