Nurse Navigator

Your nurse navigator is your personal guide to the breast care services and amenities at Westside Surgical Hospital & Breast Center. Your nurse navigator will provide support during your stay and answers to any or all of your questions about your surgery and your insurance coverage, benefits or billing.

Your nurse navigator works with you and your family at the start of, during and at the end of your stay to assure that you are safe, comfortable and informed.

Your nurse navigator will:

  • Provide education and emotional support for you and your family members
  • Serve as a liaison between you and your treatment team
  • Provide an overall view and details about your surgical procedure, post-operative care and recovery plan
  • Provide assistance with your insurance, your insurance provider and your benefits, as well as initiate discussions about your coverage
  • Refer and link patients to breast care specialists and social service agencies
  • Assist with scheduling
    • follow up appointments
    • in-house and external concierge services
    • travel arrangements and visitor accommodations
    • on-site spa services
    • appointments with appearance consultants for fittings for wigs, bras and needed accessories

Our Goals

  • To provide breast cancer patients with support services that integrate a multidisciplinary approach
  • To provide state-of-the-art surgical intervention for breast cancer patients
  • To provide breast cancer patients with unique, individualized concierge services
  • To improve patients’ self‐image, esteem and confidence before, during and after treatment
  • To maintain the integrity of our patients’ privacy and confidentiality
  • To ensure our patients are treated with dignity and compassion

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