Support Services

Nurse navigator

Along with our full range of breast care support services, Westside Surgical Hospital & Breast Center offers a breast care nurse navigator. Our nurse navigator plays an important role, providing individualized consultation as well as educational support. Your nurse navigator is your personal guide to our center and its services and amenities. Your nurse navigator will provide information, support and comfort during your stay and answers to any or all of your questions during your diagnosis and treatment.

A Nurse Navigator will:

  • Coordinate individualized care for each patient
  • Assure patients arrive for scheduled appointments
  • Provide emotional support to patients and families
  • Work closely with your treatment team
  • Educate patients about their cancer diagnosis and treatment options
  • Help patients make informed decisions about treatment and care
  • Serve as a liaison between patients and their insurance providers
  • Advocate for patients throughout treatment
  • Assist with patients’ recovery and rehabilitation plans

Nutrition and Dietetic Services

Our registered dietitian works with individual patients to develop a unique, personalized nutrition plan geared to optimizing your healing. Based on your current weight and physical needs, our specialist will design a program aimed at helping to nourish your body as well as boost your energy levels after surgery. Please contact your nurse navigator for more information.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps patients improve their mobility and flexibility as they accommodate to physical changes after surgery. Improvement of muscle tone and overall health through an individualized physical therapy program will enhance your recovery. Our licensed physical therapist will work with you on a regular basis to support your therapy goals.

Appearance Consultation

Our appearance consultant is available to consult with patients about their body image, concerns about appearance, cosmetic issues and ways to look your best. Patients wishing to receive guidance and support may contact the nurse navigator for more information and appointment availability.

Garments and Wigs

Women receiving treatment for cancer may experience changes in their hair and body. Our service is available to provide guidance, recommendations and options to update their wardrobe and hairstyles to accommodate the changes, including a selection of wigs in many colors and styles. Please contact your nurse navigator for appointment availability.

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